Sunday, February 15, 2009

Second Hand Smoke: More Damage Done

It has been know that smokers put themselves at risk for many ailments including heart disease and cancer, but a new study conducted at the University of Cambridge, Peninsula Medical School and the University of Michigan showed that second hand smoke can be just as harmful as those who smoke when it comes to dementia. Second hand smoke exposure also causes heart disease, cancer, premature death, asthma, and impaired lung function. This new study, by Dr. David Llewellyn of the University of Cambridge and colleagues, is the first major one to conclude that second-hand smoke exposure could lead to irreversible dementia and other neurological problems. 5,000 non-smoking adults over the age of 50 were the subjects in the study.
What is significant about this study? It's one thing if someone wants to kill himself by smoking, but the effects of the smoke coming off the end of the cigarette can harm any innocent bystander in the second hand smoke.
There is nothing good that comes from smoking, and there is nothing good that comes from being exposed to second hand smoke. I have to say I am glad there are laws that keep second hand smoke away from me.

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