Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eat Less, Exercise More-The Only Way

Diet fads come and go! Easy solutions abound! Take a pill, loose the pounds! Work out for four minutes and loose weight! There's no way around it: the only true way to loose weight is to eat less and exercise more! More calories have to be burned than are consumed! That and only that will ensure weight loss and less body fat.

A new study has again shown this proven method. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, suggests the type of weight-loss diet doesn't matter as much as sticking to it. Whether you're comparing a low-fat, high-protein, low-carb, high-protein, or other diet, eating less and doing more is what looses the weight, not the type diet you're on.


zelda parker said...

Isn't he cute? Nice blog and now I am going to have to get serious about loosing weight. Being overweight is a major contributor to cancer as well!

mommanator said...

the kid is cute Z, but pix of kids like this make me so sad! what are they in for later in life!
I am so glad my dau keeps her kids eating healthy and make them play outside & sprots intead of always glued to TV & video games. Don't get me wrong they love tv & videos, but everything in moderation is so much better.

Karl said...

It's so true that bringing kids up on what's good for them is a definite benefit. If they don't eat well as kids they probably won't the rest of their lives.
(Zelda, I thought you meant me)!

Being healthy and at your proper weight will also certainly help when you face a terrible disease like cancer.

Joe said...

Games are a great way to increase activity. Sports - basketball, baseball, soccer, etc....Even things like playing tag, going on a hike, anything!

There really needs to be a healthy balance of tv/internet and being outside. If we aren't outside we don't get the vitamin D that we need. Which is another important health variable.

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