Sunday, October 19, 2008

What Is Healthy?

So what's it mean to be healthy? What does it mean to "take care of oneself"? Hopefully I can share with my readers what that all means. Believe me, I'm not a health fanatic. I do not intend to try to alter anyone's entire lifestyle. I do hope to assist anyone reading with perhaps changing their lives to live a little healthier. Or maybe it's just a little motivation that's needed.

I always joke that "I work out to eat." There is some honest truth in that statement. I go to the gym, I run, I watch what I eat most times so that when I do go out to dinner, or attend a party, I can eat what I want. I love food! I love wine! I love beer, and a good, solid beer, not some watered-down stuff. I also on occasion like my harder stuff, although that is few and far between. I take care of myself, and I watch my intake so I can let loose now and again.

I also work out because it makes me feel better. There have been periods in my life when I have been very sedentary. I feel sluggish and pretty down during those times. So I work out to keep up the energy level I enjoy. Being the vain person I am, I also need to feel good about what I see in the mirror. I cannot look at myself after getting out of the shower and seeing a blob in front of me.

Those are some of the reasons, besides the health reasons, I hope to enlighten and motivate the readers of this blog. I hope all who read this will join me in my journey to better health.